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The marina is open from the mid-March until the end of October. It is located along the western shore in the bay of Žut in the northeast of the island of Žut.

      Address (Street and number)
      Otočje Kornati, 22242 Jezera,
      Jezera, Croatia

      ACI Marina Žut is a must-visit spot for anyone exploring the famous Kornati Archipelago. Located on the west side of Žut Harbor, just next to the borders of Kornati National Park, this marina offers specific berthing recommendations based on wind conditions. During strong bora winds, it's best to berth on the north pier or at the buoys, while in strong jugo winds, the south pier is more comfortable. Conversely, in strong jugo winds, berthing on the south pier offers greater comfort. Vessels with drafts exceeding 3 meters can dock on the south pier or at the end of the north pier. For night sailing, navigating through the well-marked Proversa Mala passage is recommended.

      When approaching from Zadar, passage through the Mali Ždrelac strait with a bridge height of 16.5 meters is required. The entrance to Žut Bay, home to ACI Marina Žut, is marked by the island of Maslinjak. ACI Marina Žut operates from April 1st to October 31st and can accommodate vessels up to 40 meters in length for daily berths. The marina offers a total of 120 berths. Whether you're seeking shelter from the wind or a scenic stop in the Kornati, ACI Marina Žut provides excellent facilities and a beautiful setting for your nautical adventures. With its strategic location and comprehensive services, it is an ideal destination for boaters looking to explore the stunning Kornati Archipelago.

      Amenities and facilities

      Equipment and Services

      • Electricity hook-up
      • Water hook-up
      • Reception
      • Exchange office

      Sanitary Premises

      • Restroom facilities
      • Showers

      Additional Content

      • ATM
      • Restaurant
      • Grocery store
      • Wi-Fi

      About Žut

      The island of Žut is part of the Kornati islands group, located between Pašman and Kornati islands. This long, narrow island has a rugged, deeply indented coastline with numerous bays, including Luka, Hiljača, Sarušćica, Žut, and Bizikovica. These secluded bays are perfect for visiting with small sailing or fishing boats.

      Žut has no permanent settlements. Instead, it is occasionally visited by fishermen, shepherds, and olive and fig growers from the nearby island of Murter. Camping is a popular activity on Žut, offering a unique chance to spend a night under one of the clearest, starriest skies in Europe, thanks to the absence of light pollution. Skygazing on Žut is exceptional, especially around August, when the Perseids meteor shower occurs. This natural phenomenon can be observed with the naked eye, providing a stunning display of falling stars.

      Just 20 nautical miles from the city of Zadar, Žut offers a peaceful experience close to the mainland. Its numerous bays provide ideal spots for anchoring and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

      Frequently asked questions

      What are the operating dates for ACI Marina Žut?

      The marina operates from April 1st to October 31st.

      What is the maximum vessel length that ACI Marina Žut can accommodate?

      The marina can accommodate vessels up to 40 meters in length for daily berths.

      What is the shortest route to Žut from Kornati National Park?

      The shortest route to Žut from Kornati National Park is through the Proversa Vela or Proversa Mala passages.

      How far is the nearest fuel station from ACI Marina Žut?

      The nearest fuel station is located 8 nautical miles from the marina.

      Is there a recommended passage for nighttime sailing?

      Yes, the Proversa Mala passage is recommended for nighttime sailing due to its well-marked lighthouses.

      Nearby marinas

      ACI Marina Žut is situated nearby several marinas on Murter island and other marinas in the Šibenik Region. Each marina is offering excellent amenities and services for sailors keen on discovering Dalmatian captivating coastline and islands.