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How does the charter pricing work?

How does the charter pricing work? Charter Guide

If you are a first-time charter, the charter pricing might be a bit confusing, since it depends on many factors. Read this guide to make your budget planning a lot easier.

When planning a budget for your charter holiday there are a few things to bear in mind. First and foremost, the prices listed in the price list and/or the website usually cover for the costs of a vessel rental, all navigation and safety equipment, dinghy and the bed linens.

The price varies according to the:

  • type of the boat,
  • built year of the boat
  • location
  • charter period
  • time of the booking.

The effect of time

Very often the price is listed without the discounts, so you might want to pay attention to Early booking and Last minute offer.

Early booking offers usually last until the end of January and can go up to 20%, and Last minute offers start around three weeks before the charter period and can go up to 35%! It’s worth noting that event though Last minute can save you more money, the choice of yachts is very limited, so you might not spend your holiday on a preferred yacht. If you know the type of yacht you want and already have set vacation dates, it’s probably for the best that you secure your yacht as early as possible.

Also, prices are subject to seasonality, with the high season periods in July and August having the highest prices, and lowest in the early pre-season and late post-season. So, the idea of booking outside the peak season might be a great choice. Not only it's cheaper, but also provides a better choice of yachts!

Costs of choice

Charter base

Prices of a week of the charter may differ with the choice of charter bases, so don’t let it surprise you. If you’re not set on a certain sailing area, this might be an idea for saving. You can sail wherever you want anyway.


Mooring costs also vary depending on the marina and harbour. Some of them are more popular and get far more visits than the others, so reasonably they charge more. The size and type (catamarans are usually more expensive) of the chartered yacht also affects the mooring price. You can check their web pages to explore the prices for the desired location, date and boat. It is also possible to make a reservation for your spot but bear in mind that it might cost extra.


Fuelling costs depend mostly on the sailing route you choose. If you’re chartering a sailing yacht you can decrease the fuel consumption significantly. Use the wind and sail in the morning and afternoon when the sailing conditions are most favourable.

Yacht choice

In most cases, the motor yachts are the most expensive, followed by catamarans and sailboats. It is important to consider the age of the yacht. Younger boats cost more to charter, so the difference in price between a brand-new boat and the 3 years older one can be quite significant. It is important to mention though, that the older boat if properly maintained can provide you with almost the same quality of accommodation and navigation performances.

Price calculation...

Yacht model

Hanse 588 / 2020

Oceanis 38 / 2015

Hanse 455 / 2017

Bali 4.1 / 2019

Sealine F430 / 2018

Charter base Marina Kaštela Marina Kornati Dubrovnik Marina Kaštela Marina Kaštela
charter fee(EUR)/week*
25.4. - 2.5. 4.940,00 1.460,00 2.290,00 3.120,00 6.440,00
25.7.-1.8. 10.880,00 2.990,00 4.560,00 7.260,00 10.440,00
12.9. - 19.9. 7.880,00 2.140,00 3.590,00 5.380,00 7.880,00
transit log** 230,00 160,00 190,00 230,00 200,00
outboard engine/week 90,00 90,00 90,00 90,00 90,00
mooring fee*** 700,00 450,00 500,00 1.050,00


fuel costs**** 240,00 110,00 140,00 220,00 1.800,00
Safety deposit (refundable) 2.500,00 1.300,00 1.600,00 2.000,00 4.000,00
skipper/week 1.225,00 1.050,00 1.050,00 1.225,00 1.225,00
980,00 980,00 980,00 980,00 980,00
Early check-in 150,00 150,00 150,00 150,00 150,00
SUP/week 120,00 120,00 120,00 120,00 120,00
Kayak /week 100,00 100,00 100,00 100,00 100,00
WiFi (20 GB) 20,00 20,00 20,00 20,00 20,00
Gennaker/week 280,00 200,00 200,00 n/a n/a
Damage vaiwer 175,00 91,00 112,00 140,00 280,00
* price list price without discount
** transit log (obligatory): final cleaning, bed linen, 2 towel sets pp, kitchen gas
*** average 3 nights in marina, 2 nights buoy
**** average 3hr of navigation/day (6 days) for sailing boats/2hr of navigation/day (7 days)
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