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Team Building & Regattas- Learning with Fun

Every organization understands that teamwork efficiency is the biggest challenge in the corporate world. It takes a lot of effort to create proper conditions for team to grow, cooperate and teach employees to work as a team. Fortunately, there are activities like Regattas and other corporate sailing and team-building events that stimulate a sense of responsibility, creativity, leadership, and productivity in the employees. Plus, while sailing people learn new skills, importance of communication and there is a lot of fun involved.

Sailing is among the popular team building activities. And teamwork is one of the most important skills that every employee needs to learn. So, when there is a fun way to teach your employees the value and importance of teamwork, why not to try it out. This way every lesson is easier to learn when it’s taught in a practical way. And there sailing team building programs are designed with this specific goal.

Sailing Team Building Programs to Create a Strong Team:

As we already mentioned, the sailing programs are focused on strengthening the team and lifting the spirits of every employee in the company. By collaborating with the seniors and juniors, the entire organization learns to socialize and communicate with each other. In a company, trust, cohesiveness, partnership, and coordination are the important to resolve a conflict in the optimal way. Nobody likes working in an environment where people are not helpful and supportive. This leaves a negative impact on the employees, and difficult to achieve even their respective goals.

With the corporate sailing event, you will be able to take part in the regattas races and have an unforgettable experience with your employees and co-workers. Team building programs are organized so that the people who are participating can learn something new and apply those lessons back in their regular life. In the program, you will learn basic sailing techniques. You will have to work as a team to implement the knowledge and win the events. The best part is that the team members won’t even realize that they are making a connection while spending their time sailing the Adriatic.

Potential Benefits of Corporate Sailing Events:

There are always new and inspiring ways to keep your employees engaged and help them to grow as a team. Not only are these activities entertaining, but they also encourage people to achieve things together. Here are some key benefits of choosing sailing as a team-building activity.

1: Develop Team Communication Skills:

Whether you are working in the corporate or having fun in a regatta competition, communication is a crucial team development skill. From the instant you step into the boat as a team, your skills are put up to a test. Maneuvering and navigating the regattas is a team effort, and if anyone is out of sync that your performance in the race is compromised.

As long as the team members keep interacting with each other, the performance will keep on improving. Similarly, in a corporate world, the entire team needs to work on their interpersonal skills and communicate with each other. Such activities will boost the confidence of the team members and help them to open up. As long as the team members keep interacting with each other, the performance will keep on improving. Similarly, in a corporate world, the entire team needs to work on their interpersonal skills and communicate with each other. Such activities will boost the confidence of the team members and help them to open up.

2: Encourage Healthy Ways of Competition:

Within an organization, people working at the same level are always under pressure to improve their performance. But you can combine the team building & regatta competition with others to give them a broad spectrum of activities to and challenges to overcome together. The sailing race will inject a sense of healthy competition and adventure at the same time.

Once the team is prepared for the race, you can split them into groups and make them race against each other. Competitions are healthy when they have a fun factor. If employees feel like work puts up a lot of burden on their shoulders, then instead of dealing with their own mistakes and handling responsibilities, they will start putting out the work and blame the delay on others. Sailing is an activity that people find intimidating yet still attractive, and it will give the whole team something to reminisce and chat about until the next corporate team building activities.

Team Building Regattas Croatia Yachting

3: Build A Sense of Togetherness:

Corporate Sailing is a team-building event as it is all about teamwork. With the wind blowing and shifting every second, the team needs to act as a single entity to combine their efforts and haul with boat or yacht through to the finish line. Each individual has a specific role to play as a part of the sailing crew. That’s the only way a team can win. There is a very popular saying that an organization is only as strong as its weakest link. So, to make your sailing trip and team-building activity a successful event, you need to illuminate the sense of togetherness in the team.

4: Help in Creating an Inclusive Environment:

Team building & regattas have been linked with each other for a long time And the best thing about sailing activities is that it does require a special skill. So, you can learn how to sail a boat the same and participate in the competition according to your wishes. Yachting is ideal for creating an inclusive environment for all team members as they are a part of the same crew with one goal – finish the race. While the professionals tell the crew to manage the boat, they will learn something new together.

The corporate sailing day will allow the team members to enjoy the company made of the people they are comfortable with. From spending quality time with each other to supporting co-workers in their tasks to manage the boat, sailing can be a learning experience that will exceed your expectations.

Challenge Yourself with Regattas:

Can you come up with a better activity for team building than regattas? Well, we are here to organize a sailing event that every single person in your organization can enjoy. Our expert team will watch out every aspect of the event and offer full training and support throughout the day.

Croatia Yachting Service is bringing one of the finest yacht and regatta experience to the corporate world. We can assure you that you will enjoy sailing with your team members and learn a lot from this adventure.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail booking@croatia-yachting.hr or by phone at +385 21 332 332 and ask us anything you want to know.