Crewed or Bareboat Charter, Which is Right for You?

Crewed or Bareboat Charter, Which is Right for You? Blog

When you charter a sailing yacht you have three options – you can hire a skipper, hire a full crew (skipper + hostess /chef) or bareboat. Each option has its pros and cons; let’s discuss some of these to help you figure out which option is right for you.

The benefits of bareboating: you have complete privacy


If you have the correct licenses for sailing and skippering in Croatia, then chartering bareboat is an option for you. Many who bareboat do so because they have the correct licenses and enough confidence to sail without a professional skipper. 

The benefits of bareboating: it is just you and your crew (family and friends), so you have complete privacy and don’t need to make adjustments or compromises with anyone else.

The disadvantages of bareboating: you have more responsibilities; you need to think about the itinerary, weather, safety of the boat and passengers, cleaning etc. You also need to handle logistical issues like where to anchor, deal with marinas or any emergencies that may arise.

Consider bareboating if:

  • You have all licenses and certificates to do so
  • You have sailing experience and confidence in your abilities
  • You want more privacy
  • You are sailing on a budget 
With a professional skipper aboard, you can truly relax

Skippered Yacht

The first and most obvious reason people hire a skipper is that they do not have the licenses required, though this is not the only reason.

There are numerous benefits to a skippered yacht charter – with a professional skipper aboard, you no longer need to worry about all of the responsibilities like weather, itinerary, safety, marinas etc; which means you can truly relax. A skipper on-board also means you can learn more about sailing if you want. All of our skippers are passionate and experienced, and always happy to share their knowledge. A local skipper also means travelling with your very own tour guide. Skippers will happily share stories and ‘insider info’ – like the best restaurants and towns to visit or they will take you to their favourite (secret) bays. If there is an emergency, you have an experienced skipper aboard who knows the region well and knows how to react, so they can handle any situations that arise.

Disadvantages of a skippered yacht charter – naturally, hiring a skipper adds an additional fee. Hiring a skipper also means you need to book a yacht with a crew cabin in the layout or save a cabin for the skipper – which impacts the number of people you can sail with. Last, is that there is less privacy. However, we need to add that at Croatia Yachting, we do our best to match our skippers to our clients. All of our skippers are professionals and will adapt to your vibe, so if you want more privacy, they will respect this and try to stay out of your way as much as possible. Read our full blog – Hiring a Skipper to learn more.

Consider hiring a skipper if:

  • You do not have the correct licenses or don’t have enough sailing experience and confidence
  • You want to learn more about sailing or Croatia (by travelling with a local)
  • You want to relax and leave the responsibilities to someone else
With a fully crewed yacht, everything is taken care of for you

Fully Crewed Yacht

Chartering a yacht with a full crew is probably the most luxurious and comfortable way to travel. With a fully crewed yacht, everything is taken care of for you – from the sailing and safety to cleaning and cooking, and everything in between. You can even personalise your crew – i.e. language, good with kids, etc. You send us your preferences and we do our best to match the perfect crew for you.

Benefits of a fully crewed yacht charter – a fully crewed yacht charter is a next-level holiday. Your skipper will take care of everything mentioned above, and your hostess will cook delicious meals, take care of general cleaning, and even take care of kids (if this is agreed). All of the crew we work with are passionate about sailing and tourism; they will go above and beyond to make sure it is a holiday you won’t forget. Read our full blog – Hiring a Hostess to learn more. 

Disadvantages of a fully crewed yacht charter – As above, hiring a crew is an added cost and you will need to consider sleeping arrangements. More crew equals less space and privacy.

Consider hiring a full crew if:

  • You don’t have the correct licenses or confidence to sail solo
  • You want to learn more about sailing or Croatia (by having locals aboard)
  • You want the ultimate holiday experience where all you need to do is relax without thinking about anything but enjoying yourself

Skippered, Crewed or Bareboat Charter, Which is Right for You?

Now you know some of the advantages and disadvantages of skippered, crewed, and bareboat charter; hopefully, this helps your decision-making process. Please feel free to contact our dedicated team if you have any more questions. Let’s start planning your perfect sailing holiday in Croatia!

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