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Life on the bright side by Jelena

20. April, 2020

Life on the bright side by Jelena Blog

This week we asked our Head of Booking Jelena to follow the example of Nina and Aleksandra and share her ways of dealing with home office challenges. Nowadays, we all experience the intertwined business and home aspects of life, so more than ever it's important to find the balance. So, how does she do it? 

Plan ahead

Jelena in her home office

I'm all about planning. First, I start my days with a cup of coffee and write down all things I have to do for the day. I get ready for work, as I would in the normal circumstances and it's time to go. 

We have a lot of conference meetings, at least once a day, to coordinate our work. I think that's great since it really helped us keeping that team feeling we always had in the office. Of course, I miss the everyday banter and little chats in the kitchen, but hey, this is the next best thing! 

Then I have a meeting with my booking team to organize work and delegate tasks. One thing I've noticed is that communication became more intense since we can't communicate directly in the office. Ever the optimist, I genuinely believe this will bring us some improvements in the long run! 

All about that garden life

Jelena planting flowers by the pond

That much I can say about the work part. But, what to do after work? Well, first things first, it's lunchtime with my family. And then it's about the garden life! 

This is where benefits form living outside the city became evident. Sure, in normal circumstances, I spend more time on the commute, but not these days! We live in a house with a big garden, so my son has a lot of outside space to play in. Especially since it's spring, it's warm with a lot of sun. I have my little projects as well. Flowers are my passion, as everyone in the office knows, so it's no wonder that I spend a lot of time there. We have a little pond in the middle with more and more flowers around it. Rosemary bush that is decorative, fragrant and has a huge role in my cooking. And the roses have never looked better! They will soon begin to flower, so that is another thing to look forward to.  

To conclude

It's rosemary time!

Sure, coronavirus brought a lot of challenges and new circumstances we have to adapt to. I find that is important to do the best we can to keep things moving, as we would normally do. That applies to both work and home life. As I said before, I truly believe that some things will change for good, and it is up to us to make those changes for the best. New ways of communication and work, appreciating the family time, even more, are just a few! So, try and look on the bright side. And stay safe & healthy! 



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