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Sailing 101: Charter Tips for Your Next Holiday At Sea

15. October, 2021

Sailing 101: Charter Tips for Your Next Holiday At Sea Blog

Sailing holidays in Croatia are one of the most unique ways to explore the Adriatic Coast. With over 1,000 islands at your fingertips and untouched natural wonders to discover from the second you set sail, it’s hard to imagine a better way to experience Croatia’s coastal gems. But in order to ensure a foolproof getaway, there are some Croatian sailing charter tips and tricks you’ll want to follow.

Just like preparing for any type of holiday, sailing trips require your undivided attention, as being out at sea can present scenarios that are a bit tougher to tackle than when you’re on land. Nonetheless, your Croatia sailing charter will go smoothly so long as you take care and follow these few crucial tips at sea. And we promise it will make your charter in Croatia one for the memory books. 

When packing for sailing holiday, less is more.

Croatian sailing charter tips while packing...

Think small

Unlike other vacations where your accommodation is likely in a spacious apartment or hotel room, accommodations at sea can be rather tight depending on the Croatia catamaran charter you choose. It’s best to bin the large luggage you’d have in tow for a fashion-forward vacation in Paris and ditch the fancy clothes for swimsuits, t-shirts, and coverups, as you’ll likely be living in them on and off the boat. Instead of bringing a hard suitcase that’ll take up most of your sleeping quarters, opt for a soft duffle bag that can easily adapt to the size of your room. Less is more, in this instance, and you’ll be happier arriving in Croatia with less!

And don’t forget to check the weather report during your time at sea!

Chances are, if you’re sailing in the summer, you’re most likely going to be blessed with the beauty of the Mediterranean climate. In other words, hot and dry weather. But keeping in mind this is still the Mediterranean, freak storms, high-speed winds, and torrential downpours aren’t strangers to the otherwise idyllic season. The weather can change at any time on the coast, it’d be smart to make allowances for a backup of freak-weather-appropriate clothes, so long as you keep your luggage light!

Croatian sailing charter tips when first arriving on the boat…

 Let the captain lead the way, and we promise a perfect sailing holiday.

Listen to your skipper.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when you first come on board is to listen, listen, and listen again to your skipper’s welcome speech, as their expert knowledge goes above and beyond and is there to guarantee your safety and overall enjoyment while sailing Croatia. From safe sailing tips to learning about the vessel itself, time schedules, and itinerary changes, your skipper is the king of the ship, though this time the king is serving you and your sailing needs. By putting your trust in the skipper, you’re placing your well being in the hands of someone that knows this sea inside and out. Let the captain lead the way, and we promise a perfect sailing holiday. 

Check the boat.

But your skipper isn’t the only thing you should pay close attention to once you first come on board. Sailing 101 - make sure you have absolutely everything you need before you set sail, meaning a thorough check of your yacht charter is in order. What this really means is checking that everything works on the boat before you leave the marina, and checking the boat’s inventory to ensure you have the desired quantity of items for all members of your group, like linens and towels. At the top of the list, however, should be securing enough drinking water as it may be a few days before you dock somewhere where you can go shopping for more. Remember, being out at sea has its perks, and being isolated from life’s basic necessities at times is one of them. Think smart. 

Be on time.

It’s hard to believe you’d be late to begin the trip of a lifetime, but there will certainly be moments on your trip where set times should be respected in order for your skipper to do their job and ultimately keep you happy. Keep in mind that many boats and marinas run on a schedule, and that schedule isn’t so easy to change on the fly, especially when there are hundreds of other boats with the same idea. It’s paramount to make sure you’re back at the base when asked and you refuel the boat with enough time to return it before disembarking. You don’t want a stellar week away to end in dread.

Croatian sailing charter tips when sailing…

Water tank woes. 

If you’ve been sailing before, you’ll know that freshwater tanks are responsible for providing the water you need to take showers, brush your teeth, and the like. But because these tanks are usually located on the bottom of your boat, they have limited capacity and aren’t so kind to big groups who are known for enjoying long showers. Limiting your freshwater use is key to keeping the tank full, and opting to wash dishes with saltwater instead is one small tip to keep your water tank stocked! If, for instance, you do run out of freshwater, you may need to wait until you reach the next marina on your itinerary to refill. Otherwise, you’ll be happy you brought that extra drinking water along!

Embrace every moment of your sailing holiday

And always remember...

To take it all in.

Embrace every moment of your sailing holiday as you may not get to experience this magical Mediterranean moment again so soon. Admire every cove, feel every wind, and let the saltwater soak into your skin a bit longer than normal. Sailing in Croatia is too special a time - let each moment linger. 

Ready to book your first sailing holiday after reading these charter tips? Our Croatia Yachting experts are here to help you choose the best boat for you to set sail. Feel free to contact us about all of your sailing needs - and don’t hesitate to ask any sailing-related questions, as we have some more tips up our sleeve.

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