14-Day Sailing Itinerary Croatia - Croatia Yachting

14-Day Sailing Itinerary Croatia - Croatia Yachting Sailing routes on Adriatic sea

Sailing along the southern Croatian coast is the perfect combination of an incredibly diverse landscape with beautiful islands, hidden coves, and turquoise waters. If you venture on a tour of this area, you will not regret it. This region abounds in historic cities such as Dubrovnik, and you have a unique opportunity to explore Croatia's rich cultural heritage. In addition, the southern Croatian coast is known for its mild Mediterranean climate, which makes sailing a pleasant experience for most of the year. Are you interested in a 14-day sailing in southern Croatia? Below, we present exactly that itinerary! 

Our recommended 14-day itinerary Sailing itinerary in Croatia:

  • Start from Marina Kaštela

  • 1st day Marina Kaštela - Milna (Island Brač)
  • 2nd day Milna - Hvar (Island Hvar)
  • 3rd day Hvar - Lovište (Pelješac penisula)
  • 4th day Lovište -Korčula (Island Korčula)
  • 5th day Korčula - Okuklje (Mljet Island)
  • 6th day Okuklje - Dubrovnik 
  • 7th day Dubrovnik - Polače (Island Mljet)
  • 8th day Polače - Zaklopatice (Island Lastovo)
  • 9th day Zaklopatica - Brna (Island Korčula)
  • 10th day Brna - Vela Luka (Island Korčula)
  • 11th day Vela Luka - Biševo - Komiža (Island Vis)
  • 12th day Komiža - Palmižana (St. Klement Island)
  • 13th day Palmižana - Maslinica (Island Šolta)
  • 14th day Maslinica - Marina Kaštela
  • Finish in Kaštela
Sailing around the island of Brač 

DAY 1 - Marina Kaštela - Milna (Island Brač) 14 NM 

The best place to start your sailing adventure is Marina Kaštela, not far from Split. The island of Brač, or, more precisely, Milna, is the ideal choice for the first anchoring. It is located on the western part of the island and is also the biggest marina on the island, being well known for its sublime bay. This charming place is known for its excellent gastronomic offer, with numerous restaurants offering traditional dishes and freshly caught fish. 

DAY 2 - Milna - Hvar (Island Hvar) 14 NM 

The island of Hvar is one of the most famous and attractive destinations in the Adriatic and a must-visit for every sailor who visits Croatia. It could be said that this island is very versatile, offering options for various types of rest and enjoyment. Rich cultural and historic heritage is certainly something you will notice as soon as you get off the boat and step on the Hvar promenade. What makes this island very well known is its top nightlife. 

Did you know that the island of Hvar is considered one of the sunniest places in Europe, with an average of more than 2,700 sunny hours per year?

Hvar's promenade 

DAY 3 - Hvar - Lovište (Pelješac Penisula) 28 NM 

Lovište is a small fishing village located in the northwestern part of the second-largest Croatian peninsula, Pelješac. As for the gastronomic offer, you can always eat fresh fish and drink good wine here. What is also very important is that it is favorably located in the northwestern part of Pelješac, which makes it easily available for sailing from different directions. 

Dingač is located on the Pelješac peninsula, one of the most famous Croatian wine regions. It is a vineyard on the steep slopes of the Pelješac peninsula that produces high-quality red wines, especially from the Plavac Mali variety. 

DAY 4 - Lovište - Korčula (Korčula Island) 8 NM 

The main settlements on this island, with impressive flora and fauna, are the towns of Korčula, Vela Luka, and Blato. The town of Korčula is a fascinating ancient fortified town that will delight you with its appearance. This city offers many activities, and one of the most interesting is swimming under the city's fortifications. There is also a traditional town dance with swords and a visit to Marco Polo's birthplace. You can stay at the ACI marina that is located in the town's center. 

Korčula island

DAY 5 - Korčula - Okuklje (Mljet Island) 28 NM 

The island of Mljet is known for its 5,300 hectares of National park abundant with lush trees, wildlife, and beautiful saltwater lakes. Okuklje is one of the most protected areas on the island. The bay is a popular anchorage spot and the hills around the bay are an excellent hiking location offering great views over the channel. On the island, there is also Odysseva's cave, in front of which is the rock of Ogiran. During high tide or a strong southerly wind, the rock is completely covered by the sea and represents a real danger for sailors. According to legend, it was for these reasons that Odysseus was shipwrecked and swam to a cave, where he took refuge.

Dubrovnik is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe 

DAY 6 - Okuklje - Dubrovnik 18 NM 

Dubrovnik is also known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic". Its walls are its trademark, where the Game of Thrones series was filmed. The construction of the first fortifications began already in the 8th century, but the most intensive construction was from the middle of the 15th century to the end of the 16th century. The great earthquake of 1667 did not damage them much. In Dubrovnik, there is also the funicular Srđ, which offers a wonderful panoramic view. Considering that it is a very famous city that has a large number of guests every year, it is not surprising that there is an excellent offer of restaurants and accommodation, especially luxurious ones. You can moor at Komolac, ACI Marina Dubrovnik. 

Mljet island

DAY 7 - Dubrovnik - Polače (Mijet island) 32 NM 

Another place on the island of Mljet that you should visit is Polače. Polače has a quiet and sheltered bay that provides excellent anchorage for sailboats. This protection from winds and waves creates a pleasant experience for sailors who want to relax and rest. In addition to natural beauty, there are also cultural attractions, such as the ancient Roman palace complex which dates from the 3rd century and consists of an ancient palace, a thermal bath, two early Christian basilicas, an arsenal, a warehouse for galleys, and the remains of wharves.  

DAY 8 - Polače - Zaklopatica (Lastovo island) 24 NM 

Situated on the northern part of the island, only 2 km from the unique Lastovo village, the Zaklopatica Bay is well protected from winds and waves by a small islet. There are moorings with power and water supply, or you can moor in front of the restaurants if you choose to eat there. Lastovo is known for its rich cultural heritage, and a visit to Zaklopatica provides an opportunity to explore local customs, traditions, and historical landmarks, including churches and archaeological remains. Zaklopatica is known for its peaceful atmosphere, which provides an opportunity to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle. 

DAY 9 - Zaklopatica - Brna (Korčula island) 8 NM 

Brna is a large bay located on the southern shores of the island of Korčula, near Smokvica, Prižba, and Prišćapac. It used to be an unurbanized bay with only a few small houses used by local fishermen, where the people of Smokvić spent the night before a long day of fishing. Brna has a pier and an anchorage, as well as a beautiful coast with several smaller beaches. Considering that it is a smaller settlement, here you can experience an authentic experience of local life. 

Just another small island in the Lastovo archipelago 

DAY 10 - Brna - Vela Luka (Korčula island) 14 NM 

Vela Luka is the largest town on the island of Korčula, located along a quiet bay. In addition to natural beauty, this place also exudes cultural heritage, including local museums, churches, and traditional events that provide insight into the island's history. The town also has a well-equipped marina that provides safe anchorage and nautical services. 

DAY 11 - Vela Luka - Biševo – Komiža (Vis island) 35 NM 

Biševo is an island located near the town of Komiža on the island of Vis. The most famous attraction in Biševo is the Blue Cave, which delights its visitors. Sailing tip: You can moor in Porat, the port of Bisevo. Komiža is located on the west coast of the island of Vis, with interesting architectural sights and churches and a rich military history. You may be interested in the numerous fortresses and military activities that are all available to visit, or you can simply relax and enjoy the azure blue sea and beautiful nature in this small town with an irresistible Mediterranean charm. It is ideal to visit these two places on the same day. 

The island of Biševo, where the Blue Cave is located  

DAY 12 - Komiža - Palmižana (St,Klement Island) 22 NM 

Sveti Klement and Palmižana are geographically located in the Paklinski Islands archipelago. Palmižana has an ACI marina with a capacity of 200 boats, which is located in one of the safest natural harbors on the Adriatic. Palmižana offers a variety of natural flora and fauna, and the reason for this is that Professor Eugen Meneghello imported exotic plants from all over the world and created a rare and magnificent botanical park. There are restaurants with local cuisine on the island, offering a unique taste experience. 

DAY 13 - Palmizana - Maslinica (Šolta Island) 17 NM 

The archipelago of seven islands (Polebrnjak, Šaškinja, Stipanska, Kamik, Balkun, Rudula, and Grmej) makes Maslinica one of the most beautiful places on the Adriatic, and this is the cherry on top of this sailing route. Inside the bay of Maslinica is the small town of Maslinica, where there is a marina with modern infrastructure. In addition, the rich offer of local restaurants with traditional Dalmatian cuisine provides a unique gastronomic experience. There are also numerous beaches and coves, such as beach Šipkova so we recommend that you spend the last day of your tour swimming. 

Maslinica, Šolta island

Day 14 - Maslinica - Kaštela 16 NM 

End your sailing adventure where you started, near Split, the largest Dalmatian city. 

Sailing in Southern Croatia 

South Dalmatia delights with a variety of islands, natural beauties, and rich cultural heritage. Also, a large number of marinas and natural conditions allow you to sail safely. We hope that we have inspired you and that you will decide on such an adventure.