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DUBROVNIK - eine der besonders reizvollen und bekanntesten Städte des Mittelmeers. Mit seiner einzigartigen natürlichen Schönheit und dem bewahrten historischen Erbe ist Dubrovnik eine Stadt mit ausgezeichneten touristischen Angeboten. Eine Stadt erstklassiger Hotels, hoher ökologischer Standards und einem äußerst vielfältigen nautischen Angebot.

Dubrovnik has about 50,000 inhabitants and is the economic, cultural and educational center of southern Dalmatia as well as the administrative center of Dubrovnik County. In the past, it was City - Republic, along with Venice is one of the most famous cultural and economic center in the Mediterranean.

Trading with the East and West, the city has developed a powerful fleet of commercial and military ships, and has maintained diplomatic relations with many cities and states. Already in the 13th century Dubrovnik had its own Statute. City walls stretch in the length of 1940 m, are under the protection of the UNESCO and complete the complex of public and private religious and secular buildings.

A slow walk through the Old City will take you to the most beautiful monuments: Baroque Cathedral, the Church of Dubrovnik's patron Saint. Blaise, the Franciscan monastery, where was buried Ivan Gundulic, the Dominican monastery with a rich collection of works from local painters from 15 schools and 16th century, Sponza palace, Duke’s Palace and City Hall.

Dubrovnik is a city of beautiful sandy beaches, harmonious combination of arts, civic, religious and military architecture from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Visit some of many exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, various festivals and the traditional "Dubrovnik Summer Festival," within which, on open-air stages at several locations in the city, take place numerous concerts and theatrical performances, which attract art lovers from around the world.

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Marina Lumbarda

Lage: auf der östlichen Seite der Insel Korčula, in der Bucht Lumbarda, befindet sich die Marina Lumbarda. Öffnungszeit: das ganze Jahr.  

Handynummer: +385 20 71 24 89

ACI Marina Korčula

Auf der Insel Korčula, in einer kleinen Bucht östlich der Stadt Korčula, liegt die ACI Marina Korčula. An der Nordseite ist die Marina durch einen Wellenbecher geschützt.
Öffnungszeit: ganzjährig


Handynummer: +385 20 71 16 61