10 Best Beach Clubs in Croatia to Visit in 2024

10 Best Beach Clubs in Croatia to Visit in 2024 Blog

The indented and attractive Croatian coastline and numerous islands favored the appearance of numerous beach bars and clubs. Whether you just want to chill, eat, or party, it's all much better when it happens just a few meters from the sea, with the sound of the waves and on the sand.

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Sailong along the Adriatic coast is always a good idea

Sailing along the Adriatic coast, you will not only see how many beautiful beaches there are but also how many interesting and relaxing places there are, such as beach clubs and bars. Every sailor sometimes longs for land, and sometimes the best solution for this is to tie up the boat and visit a nearby beach bar. Whether you enjoy the magic of the wind on sailing yachts, or crossing nautical miles on catamarans or motor yachts,It will great lie down under an umbrella and enjoy the sea from a different perspective for a couple of hours

Croatia took advantage of its natural predispositions and became a paradise for everyone who loves places like this. We have prepared a list of the best Croatian beach bars and clubs where the whole family can enjoy themselves and create unforgettable memories. In addition, we have found places where you can drink good cocktails, eat delicious food, and enjoy music.

What do you choose - a beach club or a beach bar?

A beach club is any ocean or seaside hospitality business that provides guests with the opportunity to dine, relax or celebrate either on the beach or around a pool located at the beach.

A beach bar is a place that sells drinks and food on or by a beach.

We see that it is actually very difficult to draw a line between these two concepts. The difference is that, whether it's day or night, the beach bar turns into some kind of beach club in the evening.

We have chosen for you the 10 best beach bars and clubs that you must visit.

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Photo credit: Noa Beach Club, Novalja

10. Noa Beach Club, Novalja

The island of Pag, located in central Dalmatia near the historic town of Zadar, is probably the most popular and, according to many, the main entertainment destination on the Adriatic Sea. Some call this place the „Croatian Ibiza“.

Noa Beach Club, 33 nautical miles from our charter base in Biograd,  is one of the most modern clubs in the entire Adriatic region. It is located above the water and offers an epic view of the meeting point of the sea and the high Croatian mountains, combined with superb music and an unforgettable experience. In addition, the club offers 11 bars, yacht moorings, VIP areas, deckchairs, a swimming pool, massages, and much more.  Whichever day you choose to visit this place, you won't go wrong because different events are organized every day. Noa has its own Noa Yacht Club and you can dock your boat to the venue. 

In addition to great entertainment and drinks, you can also eat here. Noa Food Square is made for those who are looking for a quick but filling and delicious meal. Whether you've just arrived at the club, you're on a break from dancing, or you're going home, you won't go hungry here.

9. Beach Bar Casanova, Vrsar

If you are sailing in the Istrian region, you must visit the charming town of Vrsar. When mooring the boat in Marina Vrsar, visit the amazing Beach Bar Casanova (45° 9' 12.96" N, 13° 36' 2.02" E). This place has a real Mediterranean touch and reminds me of the frames of old Italian movies.

This beach bar is great for relaxing because of the wonderful ambience and breathtaking view of the sea. There is also an excellent range of food and drinks for complete enjoyment.  You can enjoy a quick snack, a light lunch, or a romantic dinner, as well as a wide variety of fresh drinks and cocktails with background lounge music. This is a great choice for any time of day, especially sunset and night, because of the magical lights all around.

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Photo credit: Beach Bar Oaza (Facebook)

8. Beach Bar Oaza, Rogoznica

Only 10 minutes' walk from Marina Frapa, Rogoznica is the Beach Bar Oaza. The sea here is incredibly blue, and the sandy beach is great for relaxing and suitable for the whole family. The whole ambience of the bar will make you feel like you are in one of the world's most famous tourist destinations. This place is great for enjoying swimming and the sun, but you can also hide in the shade and cool off with drinks and food.

The main trademark of this beach bar is the cocktails. A large selection of cocktails with beautiful decorations is ideal for hot summer days. There is, of course, a wide range of other drinks as well as food.

7. Jadran Beach Bar, Split

This iconic beach bar, which the people of Split adore, is located near the ACI Marina Split and not far from the centre of Diocletian's city. This is the perfect place to rest your soul, body, and eyes while looking at the beautiful blue sea. Also, an excellent selection of cocktails will cool you down during the hot summer days.

This is not only a tourist place because many local people also come here. It is not rare that the locals often play various ball and card games here, so why not try your hand at it?

Whether you decide to visit this beach bar in the morning for a coffee or in the afternoon, a good atmosphere is always guaranteed.

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Photo credit: Laganini Beach Bar, Palmižana

6. Laganini Beach Bar, Palmižana

Palmižana is a must-stop for all sailors, and when you moor at the ACI Marina Palmižana, do not miss to visit Laganini Beach Bar.

Laganini Beach Club is a place where you will want to spend the whole day and enjoy the nature around you. Comfortable sunbeds, great music and an excellent offer of seafood specialities and refreshing drinks will make your vacation even better. If you decide to stay after sunset, guitar concerts and other events will keep you going until the morning hours with light dance rhythms.

Here, the sea is so clean and the nature that surrounds the bar is incredible. This place is ideal if you want to get off the boat but be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Coral Beach Club, Dubrovnik

Coral Beach Club, only 3 nautical miles away from Komolac, ACI Marina Dubrovnik fully justifies the fact that Dubrovnik is at the very top of the world's top destinations. It is located on the northern side of the Babin Kuk peninsula on one of the most attractive beaches in this part of the Adriatic. The reason for this is an unreal turquoise colour and incredibly clean. This is confirmed by the Blue Flag, which only the cleanest beaches have.

Visitors to the Coral Beach Club can rent a deck chair, umbrella and canopy. There is also a VIP lounge and a sizable beach club, both of which transform into restaurants at night. These establishments are perfect for unwinding with cocktails and certain culinary specialities.

You can select from a large selection of French, Italian, and, of course, Croatian wines at Coral Beach Club, all of which will perfectly complement your dinner.

beach club hvar.jpg
Photo credit: Beach Club Hvar

4. Beach Club Hvar, Hvar

Hvar has long been known as a paradise for all lovers of parties and relaxation, with numerous beach bars and clubs. It is an unmissable place on every sailing route, and when you moor in the city's port, you are only a 10-minute walk along the promenade from Beach Club Hvar(43° 11' 3.33" N., 16° 25' 57.99" E)

However, this place has a classy vibe and offers a brief throwback to earlier times. The reason for this is that this place has almost a hundred years of tradition, and, although a lot has changed and improved over the years, it is still trying to preserve the old Mediterranean flair. A private beach with sunbeds and cabins that you can see in movies with the best destinations in the world will make you forget all your everyday worries for a while. There are also exclusive rooms where you can have a private butler service. 

The final touch of this classy place is the creative menu, and the offer of champagne and cocktails once again emphasizes the kind of place it is.

3. Hula Hula Beach Bar, Hvar

We mentioned that Hvar is a champion of partying, so it's time to prove it with an example.  Hula Hula Beach Bar(43° 18' 21.09" N., 16° 24' 10.52" E.) is a synonym for the best beach dance floor on Hvar, which will leave you speechless with its breathtaking sunset views, amazing music, and the incredible atmosphere.

This club extends over 600 m2 where you have everything you need both day and night. During the day, chill music plays, and you can relax on numerous sunbeds, but also at VIP tables or outdoor massage pavilions. This beach club is packed like a small tourist town, and you have no reason to leave. There is also a varied menu of food, cocktails, wine, and other drinks. 

The Hvar archipelago is truly wonderful, so we recommend that you definitely visit the nearby Pakleni Islands and we are sure that they will leave you breathless. We also have the sailor tip: you simply have to visit Taršće Bay, which is ideal for anchoring.

When sunset comes, there is no better place to watch it than Hula Hula Beach Bar. At the same time, the DJ starts with good music, and a relaxed atmosphere turns into the best dance place.

2. Moro Beach Bar, Stupe

If you are sailing towards Korčula, do not miss this place. The Korčula archipelago is a must-see, and this place has been a hit for years. The crystal-clear sea, casual atmosphere, and delicious food are a unique combination that you will get on this beautiful beach. 

In addition to the restaurant, Moro Beach Bar offers the possibility of mooring for boats, a lounge bar, and a renovated beach. In addition to the gastronomic offer, there is also a large selection of cocktails in the mini bar, and in the evening, you can enjoy fine dining.

Fun is in abundance on the island. Every day, themed and daily parties are hosted. Dancers performing to Latin beats or attending evening home parties will accentuate the fantastic ambience.

slika 5_carpe diem.jpg
Photo credit: Carpe Diem Beach Club, Hvar

1. Carpe Diem Beach Club, Hvar

All lovers of parties and good clubs, when they visit Croatia, try to include this club on their to-do list. Located on the small island of Stipanska, 21 nautical miles from our charter base in Split, where there is nothing else, not far from Hvar, this club is a real attraction.

On more than 2,500 m2 located partly under dreamlike pine trees, you will find a wellness bath equipped with wooden deck chairs, parasols, a swimming pool, a volleyball court, and a school for diving. As well, there is a restaurant, a lounge, and a cocktail bar. 

As for the nightlife there: dancing under a clear sky to great music, and surrounded by tall trees and untouched nature. Also, this well-known club can boast of a superb range of drinks.

It should be noted that this place is also located near ACI Marina Palmižana


Beautiful sandy beaches, numerous bays, and the clean Adriatic Sea are the reasons why Croatia has very good beach bars and clubs. And precisely such places are ideal for relaxation and a full experience of the marvellous Croatian nature. If you want to anchor somewhere for a few hours and still be close to the sea, sunbathe or have lunch, then a beach bar or beach club is the perfect solution for you.