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Tips to Keep the Adriatic Clean

10. September, 2021

Tips to Keep the Adriatic Clean Blog

There is a reason the Adriatic Sea boasts one of the cleanest bathing waters in Europe, and only once you explore the coast by sailboat will you uncover why. With over 1,000 islands to bounce around and bewitching bays to bask in the sun, you’ll be hard pressed to find a seaside more extraordinary than the Adriatic. But as tourism booms and news about Croatia’s allure blooms, the human footprint has the potential to cast a harmful spell on Croatia’s charm.

However, with a bit of help from conscious travelers and a spark of awareness from all sailing guests, we can come together to do our part to keep this magical part of the world in its purest form.

Here are some tips on how you can lend a helping hand for a clean Adriatic Sea while sailing. 

Prevent plastic pollution by using reusable bags.

Plastics? Just Say No!

It’s no surprise that plastics are wreaking havoc on our earth, but they are highly detrimental to our seas. Fortunately, there are many plastic-free swaps you can make on your next Croatian sailing holiday that won’t have you missing plastics at all! For starters, carrying a refillable water bottle is a painless way to keep plastics at bay. Furthermore, taking reusable bags with you off the boat will not only save you a pretty penny when shopping for boat charter goods, but they can be repurposed for other needs on your trip - like a handy beach bag! Perhaps the easiest solution, however, is saying no to straws. Not only does it take longer than 200 years for a single-use plastic straw to break down, but they’re harmful to precious marine wildlife, and totally unnecessary, anyway. Are you convinced yet?

Be Mindful of Water and Energy

You may want to throw all of your cares away on your Adriatic sailing holiday, but just as you would back home to keep utility bills low, you’ll want to conserve your water and energy while at sea. This requires little effort and can be as simple as switching the lights off if not needed, doing away with air conditioning to enjoy the sea breeze instead, or limiting your water use to the marinas where you have a much larger supply available to wash dishes and take longer showers. Remember, the water tank on your yacht charter  can only hold so much. So if you do opt for showering on board, keep it short and sweet!

Reduce waste, reuse what you can, and recycle.

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle!

A saying we are no stranger to hearing around the world is no different once you’re out at sea. Reduce waste, reuse what you can, and recycle absolutely everywhere! Fortunately, following these rules are pretty easy on your next sailing vacation, as most marinas have dedicated containers where you can effortlessly separate waste once you’re back on land. Do your part to keep your waste sorted while sailing to facilitate its disposal. You’ll thank us for staying tidy AND environmentally friendly later

Black waters, beware!

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘black water’, an easier way to think of it is sewage discharge, which can not only impair water quality but is harmful to marine life and human health. Black water includes a lot of icky pollutants, none of which should be freely floating around you on your sailing holiday. To let this really set in, the California State Water Resources Control Board assessed that over one weekend, waste from a single boat contains the same amount of bacterial pollution as the treated sewage from 10,000 people! Yikes. With that said, mind the black water and always ensure you use the blackwater tank when in bays, coves, and marinas. You should only empty your tank in designated marina facilities or in the open seas.

Using the wind is also an eco-friendly way to sail on your holiday.

The wind is your friend

Fortunately, those of you sailing in Croatia will experience a variety of winds, each with its own story. From the southerly jugo to the northerly bura, the north-westerly sea breeze maestral to the ‘adverse weather is likely on its way’ tramontana, these winds are your friend when sailing, and not only because you’ll get to feel their power in your sails. Using the wind is also an eco-friendly way to sail on your holiday as fewer fossil fuels are used in the process, leaving less of a negative imprint on the environment. Whether the winds carry you onwards or are a forewarning to sit still thanks to the storm ahead, be aware of their natural benefits, for there are many you’ll encounter out at sea.

Looking for more ways you can keep a clean Adriatic Sea on your next sailing holiday? Check out our FAQ  or get in touch with one of our agents today! Other sailing tips and tricks can be found by visiting our blog.



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