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Sailing Yacht Charter: Best Way to Travel

There is no doubt that sailing is no more a leisure pursuit of salty sailors. Today, sailing yachts have become one of the best choices to relax during your summer holidays. We can safely say that sailing yachts provide an adventurous way to sight-see while being on vacation.

Sailing yacht charter combines the beauty of the country’s mainland with crystal clear water, secluded beaches and the way to travel through gorgeous coastal towns, bays and islands at your own pace. Still not convinced? Continue your reading and discover more.

Each Day is an opportunity for Exploring new sights

When you are sailing, you can discover the world around you, because when it comes to sailing boats, each day is an opportunity to explore something new.

You are totally free to enjoy the things you like – enjoy the hidden beaches and bays, discover new towns and, get to know the historical sights or find the perfect restaurant that you can only reach by sea. The best option is to combine it all, find a beautiful bay to spend your day swimming and relaxing and in the evening discover historical towns, their history and enjoy the finest cuisine that each destination offers.

Croatia is a beautiful and amazing place for your sailing holiday. Discovering the Adriatic coast while sailing on your yacht will offer you the most beautiful sights to see and you will be able to experience the local life in its authentic form. With all this in mind, your sailing holidays will be something to remember.

Most Comfortable and Private Way to Travel

With Sailing boat charter, you are bound to experience the most comfortable and private way of traveling. Ask yourself a simple question, what would you find more attractive - spending your vacation traveling from island to island, diving into the Adriatic sea wherever you set your anchor or spending your vacation in a hotel while trying to find a free spot for your towel at the beach? Of course, you would choose the first option. Isn’t that right?

Sailing yacht charter will provide you and your family the privacy you need. In a hotel you are always surrounded by other people and it might prove difficult to find a place where you and your loved ones can spend some alone time and enjoy privacy apart from your hotel room. A sailboat can take you wherever you want to go. You can find a secluded bay or a beach and spend your entire day there.

When it comes to comfort, nothing can beat a sailboat as you glide through the sea with absolutely no noise but the wind and with the stability that it offers when sailing. The cockpit is perfect for relaxing in the shade of the bimini top while you can always find your spot on the deck to enjoy the sun. The cockpit is also the best place to have a meal with a perfect view of the surroundings and enjoy the fresh breeze in the evening over a glass of wine. Are you wondering what else to do? Just gaze up at the starry night sky and enjoy your private moment.

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Get More Value for Your Money

When people hear about sailing boats charter, the first thing that generally comes to their mind is "luxury" or "expensive". But the real fact is that it is just as affordable as a stay in a hotel. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why more than 10 million people prefer a sailing holiday is because it provides value for money.

Do not forget that the sailboats primary drive are the sails which brings unbelievable fuel economy. If you time your transfers right, you could use the engine only when entering ports or anchorages.

Sailing Vacation: Croatia is a Perfect Destination

The Adriatic coast of Croatia is also called "The Coast of a thousand islands" and is one of the favorite sailing destinations. Moreover, Croatia is now being recognized as the "new Greece", the "new Tuscany" and the "new Riviera". The sun shines greatly on the crystalline Adriatic and there are lots of coastlines to discover and the best way to do that is to sail it.

If you consider a sailing holiday in Croatia, you can explore several islands in a short period of time during your travel. Therefore, if you want to explore isolated beaches, incredible architecture and like to discover Croatia’s culture or want to find a great party destination, all is within your reach.

With crystal clear water, stunning beaches, amazing sights and top of the line gastronomy you will surely have the time of your life. Sailing in Croatia can really provide an outstanding experience and memorable moments.

Some Final Words:

Hopefully, you are now convinced of sailing as the best way to travel. If you’re bored with vacations such as going to a crowded hotel, it’s time to do something exceptional, unforgettable and on top of all, to have an experience that you will love to tell others about.

We at Croatia Yachting offer many options for you to consider when choosing a sailboat charter. We will help you select a boat model that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle. We offer from fast performance sailing yachts for keen sailors to comfortable and spacious cruisers.

Get in touch with us today and we will find the perfect yacht for you and let you know all about our special offers!

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