Pantry staples to stock on your sailing holiday

Pantry staples to stock on your sailing holiday Blog

As you surely know cooking on a boat is not quite the same as cooking in your home. You don’t have as much space, equipment and refrigerating system on the boat is usually not as strong as the one at your home. Also, there is usually significantly less space to cook and move around. This would mean you should focus on preparing quick, simple and easy-to-do meals! Also, you don’t want to spend to much time in the kitchen while on vacation, right?

To make your life easier we have prepared a list of pantry staples you should stock for your sailing holiday:

Croatian olive oil is addictive

Olive oil 

Well, this is a must in Croatia! In stores, you will find a good selection of Croatian olive oil, but do not miss to buy some in local markets on the islands. Olive oil is a special add-on to each meal, especially refreshing summer salads which you will surely prepare and enjoy. You can also use it as a mask for your hair – does wonders for the hair stressed with all that sun and salt.


This is a beloved, versatile classic! Pasta can be prepared in a million ways and it is easy and quick. Few boxes of pasta are easily stored on the boat and you with different sauces you will always have a delicious meal. 

Tortilla wraps

Not essentially Croatian, but these are also easily stored, you don’t have to put them in a fridge to maintain freshness and you can easily prepare a meal for everybody. Just put some olive oil in the pan, add all vegetables you have onboard (you can also bring cans) and maybe some chicken, season with spices you love and voilà! Perfect for quick cooking on a sailboat.

Canned beans

You can always use them in your salads, pasta, tortillas or just add some oil and spices and eat them alone or as a side dish. The advantage is that you don’t have to store them in the fridge, and they are not sensitive to humidity. 

Cereals and milk

Do not forget about breakfast! This is an easy one and if you are sailing with kids we are sure they will love it! Bowl of cereal with some fresh fruit in the morning, on your yacht, enjoying the sea breeze, what a way to start the day!

Nuts and dried figs 


An excellent source of proteins and a good & healthy snack for during the day. Mixed with some dried raisins or dried figs for that Dalmatian flavour, nuts can be an instant energy booster for hot, lazy afternoons. 


Of course, you can use it for cooking – put some white wine in a risotto, it brings so much flavour. Pour in a glass of wine while enjoying a sunset from your sailing yacht is something not to miss! Croatia has an excellent selection of wines so make sure you buy local products. The most common made wines in Croatia are red and white ones.

Dingač vineyard on Pelješac

The majority of wine production is white wines (67%), while red wines make up 32% of wine production. White wines are of a gentle taste and are dominant in the continental part of the country, while red wines are dominant in Coastal Croatia. Some of the types you must try are Pošip (white wine), Dingač (red wine, often addressed as the king of Croatian wines), Lasina (produced in small quantities, from vineyards around Skradin) and Vugava (white wine produced from autochthonous grape sort vugava - exclusively grown on the island of Vis).


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