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Omiš Marina, located between Split and Makarska, on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, provides a calm harbour amidst the magnificent Dalmatian coast.

      Marina Omiš

      Address (Street and number)
      Split, Croatia

      Omiš, like any town, provides a calm harbour for relaxing and addressing any difficulties, such as seeking medical attention or medication, visiting a veterinarian for a pet on board, shopping, or getting any kind of service. 

      Buses travel routinely to Split, which is up to 25 kilometres away. Whether for the crew or the boat, everything from fuel to expert specialists is provided. Due to this, Omiš is an ideal place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy nature, while having all the necessary services at their fingertips.

      Equipment and Services

      • Mooring facilities
      • Water and Power Supply
      • Wi-Fi access
      • Fuel Station
      • Maintenance and Repair Services
      • Crane

      Sanitary Premises

      • Toilets and Showers

      Additional Content

      • Grocery Store
      • Exchange Office
      • Restaurant and a Bar

      About Omiš

      Omiš was formerly wanted by Hollywood filmmakers, highlighting its unique character. Located near the mouth of the Cetina River, with one foot in the river and one in the sea, snuggled beneath the towering Omiška Dinara, which looms vertically above the rooftops of buildings. Beyond its cinematic allure, its inhabitants have a deep sense of pride. The Omisians, who number 15,000 people, have a long history of piracy that runs through their veins with real authenticity. Their resistance to give up their beloved town to Hollywood's beckoning coffers says much about their fortitude. Omiš still feels the impact of its naval history. The watchful Fortica and Mirabela towers stand guard, emblems of an earlier time when piracy was more than just a fantasy. Fortunately, no invasion occurred, leaving Omiš to prosper in its own particular pace. During the annual summer festival in Omiš, Dalmatian vocal ensembles fill the squares and alleys with colourful melodies.

      Frequently asked questions

      Is there a parking lot at Omiš?

      Paid car parking is possible directly in the marina. They are guarded around the clock. Costs marina parking approx. €10/day and Costs of private parking per Car: approx. €60/week or per minibus: approx. €90/week.

      What amenities does Omiš Marina offer?

      Omiš Marina provides a range of amenities, including mooring facilities, electricity and water hookups, restroom and shower facilities, Wi-Fi access, waste disposal and recycling facilities, as well as nearby dining options and shops for provisions.

      Are there nearby attractions and activities in Omiš?

      Yes, Omiš offers a range of attractions and activities, including historical landmarks like ancient fortresses and churches, outdoor adventures such as rafting and hiking along the Cetina River, as well as opportunities for dining, shopping, and exploring the charming streets of the town.

      What are the berthing prices at Marina Omiš?

      For all information and price details, send an inquiry to Marina Omiš.

      Is there a restaurant at Omiš?

      Yes, there are many restaurants with various types of food.

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