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No matter where your sailing holiday in Croatia takes you, from the colorful landscapes of the northern Istrian coast to the ancient walls of Dubrovnik in the deep south, your yacht charter will begin from a manicured marina, each with its own story and nautical charm. 

The Croatian coast is a playground for yacht rentals that serve to heighten every summer holiday. Every marina in Croatia is a sailboat sanctuary, enhanced only by its location and amenities offered to complement your Adriatic adventure

And if you’re on the hunt for the most beautiful marinas in Croatia for your next sailing vacation, we think you can start with this carefully selected list. 

Marina Nautica, Novigrad | 45.3184° N, 13.5650° E

Located on the northwestern Istrian coast in the protected Novigrad Bay, Marina Nautica works 365 days to ensure keeping a yacht in Croatia is easier than ever. With 365 sea and 50 dry berths, Marina Nautica boasts a professional crew at your disposal around the clock that guarantees no question is left behind. This 1st category marina is amplified by a luxurious hotel of the same name, promising unconditional comfort and first-class service with a standout design inspired by ancient sailboats to get you in the mood for the sail ahead. The lavish Navigare restaurant offers exquisite a la carte menus influenced by local ingredients and traditional Istrian recipes, while you can bask in Booze and Blues Bar for a more casual outing motivated by American food, tasty booze, and live blues. 

Most Beautiful Croatian Marinas - Rovinj.jpg
ACI Marina Rovinj has been located on the SE side of the city port for 34 years.

ACI Marina Rovinj | 45.0756° N, 13.6361° E

With views straight on to one of Croatia’s most picturesque towns, ACI Marina Rovinj has been located on the southeastern side of the city port for 34 years and is a must-see on your Istrian sailing route. A trademark of the town’s already famous cityscape, this marina was revamped back in 2019 to further confirm why it is one of the most beloved marinas in the Mediterranean. Not only does ACI Rovinj stay on top of the latest nautical trends, but it's nautical charm is enhanced by its proximity to Rovinj’s colorful old town, with romantic restaurants and centuries of history to explore. Those that wish to stay put at the marina, however, can have their fun too, with a wellness center, restaurant, grocery store and more available. 

Olive Island Marina, Ugljan | 44.0957° N, 15.1683° E

Located in a richly vegetated sheltered bay in Sutomišćica on the island of Ugljan, Olive Island is a smaller, family-friendly marina in the Zadar archipelago that makes up for its size with a packed offer for its nautical guests. Conveniently connected to the town of Zadar thanks to a twenty-minute ferry ride, Olive Island is more than just a marina - it is a temple for tourists looking for fun outside of their yacht charter. Offering a swimming pool, authentic Dalmatian restaurant, sundeck, beach, and bar, Olive Island guarantees a good time for the whole family, while attentive service and Croatian tourism experts will assure you hit the best spots on your next sailing holiday.

Most Beautiful Croatian Marinas - Mandalina.jpg
Marina in Šibenik is included in the esteemed The Yacht Harbour Association of London

D-Marina Mandalina, Šibenik | 43.7197° N, 15.9008° E

When talking about Croatia’s cream of the crop, it’s hard not to include D-Marina Mandalina, the single marina in Croatia designed for superyachts. Moreover, this marina in Šibenik is included in the esteemed The Yacht Harbour Association of London (TYHA)! Considered one of the safest harbors in the Adriatic, the luxurious D-Marina offers 440 berths, 30 dry docks, and Tesla charging services should you choose to bring yours along. But where D-Marina really shines is in its amenities, with top-class restaurants, bars, and cafes, offering the best of Croatian and international cuisine all day long. Visitors can also enjoy the D-Marin resort, a stylish hotel with a spa, wellness center, and poolside dining. Shoppers can also delight in high-end brands, from boutiques boasting nautical designs to beach wear, with concierge and 24-hour security guaranteed to make sure your precious cargo stays put. 

Marina Frapa Rogoznica | 43.5317° N, 15.9602° E

It’s not often that you meet a marina that’s been named Croatia’s best 15 times, that is, until you’ve met Marina Frapa. Boasting 462 fully equipped sea berths, Marina Frapa is actually so much more than a marina, as guests can enjoy the Frapa Hotel and a variety of culinary treats from traditional Dalmatian taverns to sushi, pizza, ice cream, and a champagne bar. One of the unique attractions of Frapa is the underwater Dragon’s Cave, a unique space to host events and celebrations, while a pool bar, wellness facilities, and gentleman’s club make up just part of everything you can explore at this marina in Rogoznica. 

Most Beautiful Croatian Marinas - Vrboska.jpg
ACI Marina Vrboska has been awarded for its cleanliness with the Blue Flag for years!

ACI Marina Vrboska | 43.1787° N, 16.6759° E

Should you take the Hvar sailing route, you’ll find solace on the northern coast of Hvar Island, precisely on the Vrboska harbor where ACI Marina can be found at the end of a sheltered and indentend bay. Easily located thanks to 3 lighthouses you’ll encounter depending on the direction you enter the bay, ACI Vrboska is located in the smallest town on Hvar Island, which you’d never know based on its berths. Namely, ACI Vrboska boasts 119 berths and 12 dry berths and has been awarded for its cleanliness with the Blue Flag for years! This marina also ensures you have everything on hand for a successful sailing holiday, with toilet and shower facilities, ATMs, car, bike, and scooter rentals, laundry, and even free wifi! But the best part? You’re steps away from the heart of the town, ofted called ‘Little Venice’, with a world of authentic restaurants to uncover and island locals to meet.

ACI Marina Palmižana | 43.1623° N, 16.3927° E

Yet another gem not to miss on your Hvar sailing route, ACI Palmižana is a go-to marina during the spring and summer sailing season as it opens for nautical tourism from April to October. This ACI marina is located on the northeastern coast of the largest Pakleni Islands member, Sv. Klement, which allows easy access to many secluded bays and beaches that make the island famous. With 180 sea berths, basic facilities like laundry, a hair salon, grocery store and toilets and showers, this marina even offers a wellness center, restaurant, and playground to keep the kids entertained! 

Most Beautiful Croatian Marinas - Dubrovnik.jpg
ACI Marina Dubrovnik is located about a 20 minute drive from the famous Old Town Dubrovnik

ACI Marina Dubrovnik | 42.6711° N, 18.1257° E

There is no other marina in Croatia celebrated as much as ACI Marina Dubrovnik. Owning the most “Flower of Tourism – Quality for Croatia” awards and Blue Flag recognitions in the country, this marina in Dubrovnik is also applauded as one of the safest to berth and maintain your vessel in the country. Located about a 20 minute drive from the famous Old Town Dubrovnik, this ACI marina is situated at the end of the Rijeka Dubrovačka inlet, next to the village of Rožat, and is protected from river currents thanks to a long breakwater. There are many services that make this marina special, like the first-sever ACI marina golf range, swimming pool, and, of course, a plethora of facilities to accommodate your needs, from a restaurant and grocery store to toilets, showers, and laundry. 

Want to make sure you pick the most beautiful Croatian marinas for your next sailing holiday? Explore Croatia’s marinas here and contact us when you’re ready to set sail!