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Lučica Toć in Okrug Gornji, near Trogir, Croatia, provides secure mooring for small to medium boats, modern amenities, and local food options. Its picturesque beaches and proximity to Trogir make it ideal for visiting the Dalmatian coast.

      Lučica Toć

      Address (Street and number)
      Trogir, Croatia

      Lučica Toć Marina, located in the gorgeous Okrug Gornji area in Trogir, Croatia, provides secure mooring for small to medium-sized boats. The marina includes modern conveniences such as water and electrical hookups, as well as sanitary facilities.

      Its ideal location allows tourists to easily reach surrounding restaurants, and cafes, which improves their whole experience. Lučica Toć is a perfect destination for boaters seeking to experience the Dalmatian coast's beauty and rich cultural legacy, with adjacent gorgeous beaches and the UNESCO World legacy site of Trogir, noted for its well-preserved medieval architecture.

      Equipment and Services

      • Water and Power Supply

      Sanitary Premises

      • Toilets

      Additional Content

      • Grocery Store
      • Parking
      • Restaurant and a Bar

      About Čiovo

      Čiovo is a scenic island off the Croatian coast, near the old town of Trogir. Čiovo, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge, is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and rich cultural legacy. The island is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush Mediterranean vegetation. Visitors can discover lovely villages, and historical buildings, and engage in a variety of outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and hiking. Okrug Gornji, on the western side of Čiovo, is one of the most dynamic districts. This vibrant village is well-known for its magnificent beaches, particularly Copacabana Beach, a long, pebbled stretch packed with cafes, clubs, and restaurants. Okrug Gornji has a variety of lodging options, ranging from individual apartments to opulent villas, making it an excellent choice for both family vacations and romantic getaways. The area is particularly recognized for its water sports, such as jet skiing, windsurfing, and diving, which provide plenty of entertainment for thrill seekers.

      Frequently asked questions

      Where is Lučica Toć Marina located?

      Lučica Toć Marina is situated in the Okrug Gornji region of Trogir, Croatia.

      What are some nearby attractions?

      The marina is adjacent to lovely beaches and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Trogir, which is famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture.

      How do I access Lučica Toć Marina?

      The marina is conveniently accessible by road and has parking for guests.

      Are there restaurants nearby?

      Yes, there are few eateries called Srdela, Leonardo, and Bistro Toć.

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