Marina Agana, Marina (near Trogir)

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Address (Street and number): Dr. Franje Tuđmana 5, 21 222 Marina
Phone: +385 21 88 94 11
Lat: 43.51249
Lng: 16.11323

The marina is open year round. Marina lies at the far west end of Marina bay, 6NM west of Trogir. Marina bay is shallow close inshore in places. The tower of Marina is visible from the distance.

Moorings and Berths

Marina Agana is renowned for its superior berthing facilities, boasting 134 sea moorings for yachts up to 25 meters and 70 land berths for vessels up to 22 meters to cater to a diverse fleet.
With meticulous upkeep, the marina ensures the safety of all vessels, regardless of size. For a worry-free experience, reserving a berth online in advance is recommended to guarantee your spot.

Facilities and Services

Marina Agana, reflecting its dedication to the sailing community in Croatia, offers a comprehensive array of amenities:

  • Reception Office: Round-the-clock assistance to cater to all inquiries and needs.
  • Utilities: Availability of water, power, Wi-Fi, and phone services.
  • Shopping & Dining: Diverse options from local Croatian delicacies to international cuisine.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Featuring top-of-the-line equipment and experienced technicians ready to address all maritime needs.
  • Additional: outdoor exercise equipment, children's playground

Nearby Attractions and Activities

Marina is a small village near Trogir, nestled in a beautiful, sheltered bay. The most distinctive feature of the village of Marina is its fortified tower built in the 16th century by the Bishop of Trogir to provide protection from the Turks. The tower has now been converted into a hotel with a restaurant.

The charm of Trogir, coupled with its surrounding beauty, offers numerous activities:

  • Historical Explorations: Wander through the lanes of Trogir's Old Town, a proud UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Natural Escapades: Revel in the serenity of nearby parks and coastal wonders.
  • Adventure Activities: From diving treasures to hiking trails, every adventurer finds their calling here.


Reaching Marina Agana is effortless, thanks to its strategic location:

  • Urban Connectivity: Seamless commutes from major cities like Split and Trogir.
  • Airport Proximity: Split Airport, located merely a stone's throw away, offers international and domestic flights.
  • On-ground Transport: Taxis, buses, and other local transportation ensure easy mobility.

Safety Measures, Regulations, and Environmental Commitments

Marina Agana’s ethos revolves around safety and environmental stewardship:

  • Security Protocols: Reinforced by 24/7 security personnel and surveillance.
  • Operational Standards: Adherence to maritime regulations ensures safe and harmonious operations.
  • Green Practices: Devotion to sustainable and eco-friendly measures in line with global marine conservation standards.

Pricing in Marina Agana

Marina Agana believes in transparency and value. Detailed pricing insights, including exclusive discounts and reservation amenities, can be accessed through the marina's official desk or official website. Every sailor, whether a transient guest or a long-term member, can find a tailored pricing structure suitable for their needs. Regular promotions and seasonal packages further enhance the allure of this premier marina.


More than just a docking site, Marina Agana encapsulates the essence of Croatian maritime legacy and modern luxury. Whether charting a course for an Adriatic voyage or seeking a tranquil marine retreat, Marina Agana is poised to offer an unparalleled experience.

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