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The marina is currently under construction. It is located in the cove on the north-western shore of the island of Drvenik Veli.

      Address (Street and number)
      Drvenik Veli,
      Trogir, Croatia

      Marina Zirona is located in a peaceful cove on the northern coast of Drvenik Veli, an island in Trogir, Croatia. Currently under development, the marina has roughly 15 operational berths out of a projected 120, enabling secure docking for vessels of various sizes. While the marina's complete range of services is not yet available, visitors can take advantage of a nearby restaurant and other amenities in the hamlet.

      The adjacent islands of Drvenik Mali and Drvenik Veli have beautiful sandy and gravel beaches that are ideal for leisure and exploring. Despite its development status, Marina Zirona promises a tranquil and attractive location, making it a desirable destination for future trips and a gateway to the natural beauty of Croatia's coast.

      Equipment and Services

      • Water and Power Supply

      Sanitary Premises

      Additional Content

      • Grocery Store
      • Restaurant and a Bar
      • Parking

      About Veliki Drvenik

      Veliki Drvenik, a calm island near Trogir in Croatia, is a peaceful hideaway known for its breathtaking natural scenery and crystal-clear seas. This scenic island provides secure mooring options for boats of all sizes, with water and electricity hookups available at the berths. Guests can enjoy clean sanitary facilities and eat at local restaurants that serve fresh fish and traditional Croatian cuisine. The island has beautiful beaches ideal for swimming and sunbathing, as well as scenic nature trails for hiking and exploration. Veliki Drvenik, which is accessible by boat and has regular ferry services from the mainland, offers a serene hideaway that combines relaxation with the charm of historic stone buildings and churches, making it a great destination for both boaters and visitors.

      Frequently asked questions

      Where is Marina Zirona located?

      Marina Zirona is situated in a peaceful bay on the northern coast of Drvenik Veli, an island in Trogir, Croatia.

      What amenities are currently available at Marina Zirona?

      While the complete range of services is still being developed, guests can take advantage of a local restaurant and other amenities in the village.

      What are the nearby attractions to Marina Zirona?

      The surrounding islands of Drvenik Mali and Drvenik Veli have gorgeous sandy and gravel beaches that are ideal for relaxing and exploring.

      Is there parking available at Marina Zirona?

      Yes, the marina provides parking for guests.

      Are there restaurants and shops nearby?

      Yes, the marina is close to Drvenik Veli town centre, which includes a variety of restaurants, cafes, and stores.

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