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Experience elegance at Martinis Marchi Marina. Our marina on Šolta Island provides award-winning service and a superb position, combining modern luxury with natural beauty. Explore the Adriatic coast with ease, engage in eco-friendly practices, and have amazing experiences in this lovely Mediterranean location.

      Marina Martinis Marchi

      Address (Street and number)
      Trogir, Croatia

      Martinis Marchi Marina, located in Maslinica Bay on Šolta Island, is a luxurious and peaceful retreat. With award-winning service and a prominent location, this marina provides a seamless blend of modern luxury and natural beauty. With a capacity for 50 boats and easy access to local destinations like Split and Trogir, it's the ideal starting point for exploring the magnificent Adriatic coastline

      Guests can engage in eco-friendly practices such as regular underwater cleaning and e-charging stations for boats and cars, all while taking in the gorgeous Mediterranean scenery. Whether going on private speedboat trips or relishing sunset moments with a drink of local wine, Martinis Marchi Marina guarantees an exceptional experience for discerning guests seeking both rest and adventure.

      Equipment and Services

      • Water and Power Supply
      • Mooring facilities
      • Wi-Fi access
      • Fuel Station

      Sanitary Premises

      • Toilets and Showers
      • Laundry Service

      Additional Content

      • Grocery Store
      • Restaurant and a Bar
      • Parking

      About Trogir

      Trogir, located on a small island between the mainland and Čiovo, offers a treasure trove of historical and cultural monuments that enchant visitors. Founded by Greek immigrants in the third century, this UNESCO-protected city has the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic architecture in Croatia. The city's core, enclosed by castle walls, is a living museum where visitors may wander through tiny alleyways lined with antique stone facades and artistically carved designs. From the 13th to the 15th centuries, Trogir thrived as a centre of artistic, social, and economic power, with renowned painters such as Nikola of Florence and Master Radovan building magnificent churches, monasteries, and palaces. Trogir's town centre is home to architectural marvels such as the St. Lawrence Cathedral, which features a beautiful portal, and the municipal Renaissance castle. Furthermore, Trogir comes alive in the summer with a slew of cultural events, including classical music concerts, art exhibitions, and exciting public celebrations like fishermen's nights. Trogir, with its rich history and energetic environment, is one of Croatia's most appealing attractions.

      Frequently asked questions

      Is there a restaurant at Martinis Marchi Marina?

      What services does Martinis Marchi Marina offer?

      Martinis Marchi Marina provides a variety of services, including mooring facilities, boat and auto e-charger stations, private and guided speedboat tours, and e-bike rentals. The marina also offers attentive personnel help and guidance to visitors.

      What makes Trogir a popular tourist destination?

      Trogir is famous for its historical and cultural landmarks, particularly well-preserved Romanesque-Gothic architecture. The city's rich cultural legacy, pleasant Mediterranean environment, and exciting summer activities make it one of Croatia's most popular tourist destinations.

      What activities can I enjoy in the vicinity of Martinis Marchi Marina?

      Hiking, cycling, wine tasting, and sightseeing tours are popular activities for visitors interested in experiencing the region's beauty and culture.

      Is there a parking lot at Marina Martinis Marchi?

      Yes, Martinis Marchi Marina offers parking facilities for both boats and cars.

      What are the check-in and check-out times for the marina?

      Check-in time is officially listed on the charter agreement issued to you by the charter company at the time of booking and is generally between 2 pm and 7 pm.

      What are the berthing prices at Marina Martinis Marchi?

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