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Vinišće's marina is a 57-meter-long harbour that serves the local community's modest private boats. It provides a serene and scenic docking location in the bay's calm waters.

      Marina Vinišće

      Address (Street and number)
      Trogir, Croatia

      Vinišće's marina is 57 meters long, making it a small and cosy harbour. It primarily serves the local population by offering mooring space for small private boats owned by individuals. Due to its small size, the marina is unable to accept larger yachts. Instead, larger boats and yachts dock in the vast harbour, taking advantage of the protected waters.

      This arrangement preserves the marina's attractiveness and keeps it a pleasant destination for both locals and visitors. The bay's tranquil and clean waters make it an excellent berth for sailors looking for a peaceful and attractive setting. Despite its small size, Vinišće's marina is an important component of the town's marine activity, representing its rich maritime legacy and serene ambience.

      Equipment and Services

      • Water and Power Supply

      Sanitary Premises

      Additional Content

      • Restaurant and a Bar
      • Parking
      • Grocery Store

      About Vinišće

      Vinišće, a lovely town at the end of a deep bay, is located 8 kilometres southwest of Marina in Croatia. The area is known for its old winemaking legacy and was named for Roman military veterans who were among the first vine producers here. Vinišće's present tourism attractions reflect the same microclimatic characteristics that made it suitable for farming Mediterranean crops thousands of years ago. Vinišće, first attested in Trogir Chapter records in 1272, has a long history of viticulture extending back to Roman times. The name is taken from the old Croatian word meaning vineyards. This gorgeous and serene harbour, with crystal-clear waters and unspoiled nature, is ideal for families looking for a relaxing vacation in private rooms, villas, flats, and holiday homes. Adventurous guests and privacy seekers will enjoy exploring the several secluded coves, including Voluja and Ljubljeva. Aranđel Island, located off Vinišće's southern coast, previously contained the Trogir Abbey of St. John and the Romanesque Church of St. Michael, which are now mostly in ruins. The Murvica Lighthouse, built in 1895 on the same-named islet, is one of the last lighthouses built to provide safe travel along the Adriatic Sea.

      Frequently asked questions

      Where is Vinišće's marina located?

      Vinišće's marina is located in the small town of Vinišće, 8 kilometres southwest of Marina in Croatia, at the end of a deep bay.

      What amenities are available at Vinišće's marina?

      The marina provides moorings for modest private boats. Visitors can enjoy the bay's peaceful and pristine waters, which are perfect for anchoring.

      Is Vinišće's marina a suitable place for families?

      Yes, the marina's peaceful and gorgeous surroundings, along with the town's tranquil atmosphere, make it a great destination for families seeking a relaxing holiday.

      Fun fact about Vinišće

      Vinišće's people are said to be descendants of Mongols who came to raid the peninsula in the 13th century but fell in love with it and stayed. 

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