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7. January, 2020

Check-out Blog

Check out procedure

At the end of your charter vacation you need to do also the check-out. The check-out procedure takes place when you return in the base and it consists of three parts:

  • Technical check-out
  • Diver’s inspection
  • Check-out in the office

When chartering a boat in regular charter week from Saturday till Saturday, the obligatory return to the base is Friday till 18:00 hrs, with overnight sleep on board until Saturday morning 09:00 hrs.

Any delays have to be reported and confirmed by the Base manager.

After the inspection of the boat has been completed successfully, we kindly ask you to come to Croatia Yachting office to finish up the check-out procedure and redraw your security deposit.

Technical check-out

Check out will be taking place after your return in the marina. Usually the technical staff is already on the pier or they arrive shortly after you dock. When returning, please arrive back at the same pier where you have taken the boat (pier E or F). In case if you are arriving back in the peak of the return hours please have patience if the person in charge of your boat is already involved in a check-out; he will be on the boat as soon as it is physically possible.

This boat inspection will be done according to the check-in list provided and signed at the check-in and you’ll be checking the condition the boat when brought back to confirm everything is in the correct condition. In case of any damage or malfunction, all remarks will be put on the check-out list, you will be informed about the estimated cost of the repair and directed in the office for sorting the payment of the damage.

 Diver’s inspection

 This is a separate part of the check-out procedure. An independent diver every Saturday is checking every boat hull and underwater parts and is giving us the report. If there is any damage, the pictures of the damage are made and given to us so we can determine the repair work to be done and check the cost of the damage. When the boat is returned with no damage, the official written report is made.

 Check-out in the office

This is the last part of the check-out procedure. Before arriving in the office be sure that all previously mentioned actions of the check-out have been done.

In case the check-out is passed without any damage remarks or malfunctions, the security deposit will be returned if left in cash or unblocked if it was made as a credit card pre-authorization.

If the boat is damaged we’ll have to calculate the costs and charge it.

The amount of the damage is estimated by the Base manager (calculating all necessary work and costs), the damage report is fulfilled and the damage charged accordingly. It can be paid in cash or with major credit cards. If you have obtained a deposit insurance or skipper’s insurance before arriving please inform us and we’ll give you all documents that the insurance may ask you in order to give you the refund.

We always advise the clients to take a deposit insurance, at home or upon arrival. This is a good way to feel more relaxed during your vacation as accidents may happen. However there are some situations that the insurance does not cover and you need to be aware of them, like blocked toilette, missing fuel and gross negligence.

So keep in mind that the yacht has to be brought back with full fuel tank and that the toilets are working properly otherwise you will need to pay the penalty fee.


If you need to finish your vacation earlier than planned or need to have an early departure on Friday, we kindly ask you to contact the charter company to inform them and agree about your return and all procedure. If this information is not available before the return to the base, the technical and the underwater inspection of the boat can be delayed.

With all of these tips we hope you’ll have a safe and joyful vacation.

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