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Arrival at the Base Blog

You are all set for your sailing vacation and just arriving at the base?

Here are some information for your arrival to make all go smoothly and as quickly as possible: here are some things you need to do previous to arrival and some suggestions at the spot.

Before your arrival you need to send:

  • the crew list so we can prepare the boat for your crew – if you have some last-minute changes, don’t worry everything can be sorted easily directly with the base staff. Usually, your agent will send you a blank crew list form or a link for filling. If no crew list is available prior to the check-in date, please take notice that the check-in could be delayed.
  • sailing licenses for confirmation of the validity – this is very important to avoid possible problems during embarkation, we need to check your sailing licenses before your arrival and we’ll confirm if they are adequate for the type of boat you are chartering. One person on board also needs to have a radio certificate; it can be the skipper or someone else.

If you are arriving in the base with the car you can check whether a guarded car parking is available within the facility of the marina and check for the prices.

If you are arriving at the airport, you can require a transfer to be organised for you (ask for details to your agent or charter company) or you can grab a taxi directly at the airport or even take a regular bus.

Upon your arrival please come to the base office for the check-in; please make sure you have prepared the following:

  • boarding pass
  • original skipper's license
  • original VHF certificate
  • ID documents

Administration procedure of the check-in in the office

Before boarding, you need to come to the office to do the paperwork. This consists of:

  • Confirmation of the final list of passengers on board – checking all details and documents inserted in the crew list you have provided.
  • Presenting the original sailing certificates (sailing license and radio certificate) previously confirmed by e-mail – please note that sailing without original documents in Croatia is not allowed. When chartering the boat bareboat, the skipper must possess a valid ORIGINAL certificate for the size and tonnage of the boat required by Croatian Maritime Law, and valid ORIGINAL VHF radio certificate needs to be present on board.
  • Making the payments of the tourist tax and ordered extra equipment (if not paid in advance) – the staff will double-check all ordered extras and check with you if you need any others. Note that the payments in the base are always to be paid in cash. Take care also that you have enough cash for the payments, and that it is in the Croatian currency: HRK (Croatian kuna).
  • Leaving the security deposit (in cash or credit card) – it is advisable to check if your card is accepted and inform your bank about this transaction. Although this is only an authorization the bank may not approve it due to the daily limits set for transactions made abroad or just for your security.
  • Deposit insurance - if you want, and you didn’t make it at home, you can also make the security deposit insurance in the base – please contact previously your agent or charter provider for the details and conditions as there are various possibilities.

At that point, the base staff will complete the boat documents and inform you when the boat will be ready so you can organise your remaining time before the embarkation for doing the shopping and relaxing.

Please keep in mind the check-in officially starts from 17:00 hrs. If the boat is ready before this time we will let you on board and the check-in will be organised.

If you have an early flight and are arriving at the base early, at least 15 days before arrival you can order the Early check-in service is available. This means that at an extra charge the charter company will organise the cleaning of the boat to be ready earlier (at 13:00) and you can start your vacation sooner. 

Please keep in mind that all extra equipment and services are advised to be ordered as soon as possible but latest 15 days prior to your embarkation, due to the limited quantity of some.

When it is time to go onboard, a bit before, come in the office again to get the confirmation that your boat is ready and take the papers of the boat. Then the staff will call the technician and inform him that you are coming on board for the check-in and point you in the right direction to the next step getting you closer to your departure.

Technical procedure of the check-in on your boat


Upon arriving on the boat the sailor/technician in charge of your boat will be waiting for you or arrive shortly after you (as we know that arriving at the boat and boarding will take some time). He will require the papers of the boat to take the checklist and inspect the boat with you. To do the check-in properly the skipper/person responsible for the navigation needs to be present on board. Also before check-in, we advise not to unpack, as for the check-in the technicians need space to move. You can leave your suitcases in the cabins or in front of the boat if you wish so.

The technician will be checking with you all navigation, electrical and safety items listed in the checklist, as well as the sails, all the equipment and other features important for operating the yacht safely. Upon filling the checklist needs to be signed by both parties and you both will be getting one copy.

If you notice anything before sailing that you would like to be marked you can contact us at the technical support number (listed in the papers of the boat and also visible near the navigation table).

At this point, you have finished all the procedure and if you have also done the provisioning and everybody is on board, you can start your sailing adventure.

Wish you good wind and new sailing experiences!


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